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A Wants a Hug

This morning S came into our room, where I slept on a sliver of the bed with J slowly taking over even that small territory that just a few hours earlier included at least two additional feet (width) of bed space, and told me to get up and take A.  She was holding A but trying to leave for work.  Apparently A had woken up and heard her mommy leaving and wanted a hug because she cried and screamed I want a hug.  The problem was that S was already outside at the car.  Not letting that stand in her way, A went outside, still crying.  Luckily, S hadn’t left yet and heard/saw her.

S wasn’t very happy about it and wondered how I could have slept through the crying.  More than anything, it scared her because, while A can get the door open from the inside, she cannot get it open from the outside.  If she had already left, A would have been stranded outside until I woke up.  I don’t know what to do about this, even if the door is locked she knows how to unlock it.

When she wakes up I’ll have to talk to her about leaving the house without an adult.  I hope it makes sense to her but I have my doubts because her plan worked.  She went outside to get her mommy and that’s exactly what happened.