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Daddy Bought Me a Crack Rock

Near our house there is a nature preserve/park area that has really good trails to hike with waterfalls, bridges, etc.  It’s all relatively easy.  So much so that the kids can go and walk on their own.  Yesterday it was nice outside and I decided that we should go.  It has gotten cold lately and yesterday’s high was around 55 degrees.

After much convincing, the girls got dressed and we made our way down to the park with the promise that we would have a picnic.  They had slept until eleven in the morning, had a quick breakfast and finally we were out the door.  On our way to the trail we passed the gift shop.  The girls were already complaining so I promised that we would go to the gift shop after we finished our hike.

J was finished pretty early on.  She told me that she couldn’t walk anymore because she was tired and hungry.  She sat down a couple times.  As soon as we found something that interested her she became independent again immediately.  At one of the creek crossings there was a stone path.  She was able to navigate it herself and that energized her a bit.

At about that time A decided that she needed to tinkle and there was no time to wait.  So I pulled down her pants and held her under her knees and told her to go.  After a brief period of trepidation she peed on a fallen leaf and when she had finished I put her down and pulled up her pants.  She looked at the wet leaf and laughed like a stoner, commenting “Ha, I tinkled on a leaf.”

Eventually we made it back to the gift shop, into which we had never ventured before, and we went inside.  They had a good time looking at everything.  I decided that I would buy them each a geode ($3 each) and that we could crack them together.  That would be something that they would enjoy because they would get to use hammers and get crystals out of the deal.

Later that night we were at dinner and I asked J if she had told Mommy what she had gotten that day.  J looked at her mom and said, “Daddy bought me a crack rock.”  In the middle of a crowded restaurant.  Who over heard?  I don’t know but S and I got a pretty good laugh out of it and children’s services haven’t shown up yet.

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