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Street Fair

Twice a year our little town holds a street fair and we always make an event of it with the girls.  Mostly it is an excuse for vendors to set up booths and sell you food or whatever goods they produce.  Usually we find some pretty interesting things there, see the local belly dancer troupe perform and hear some live music.   All while completely ruining the girls’ diet.

The food is really good though because it’s not food that we eat regularly.  Saturday we had black bean nachos with salsa and sour cream (on the girls’ half, I’m not a fan).  They also, had chocolate-covered bananas, which could have had some health benefit if they hadn’t eaten the chocolate coating and tossed the bananas because they were too hard, as they were frozen.  Oh well.

The elementary school is downtown right where most of the food vendors set up so we ended up playing on the play ground for a good part of the day.  Eventually, though they wanted to walk around so we decided to walk the strip, down and back.

One of the wife’s friends was with us and A wanted to be held by only her, and she obliged.  This friend doesn’t have kids and doesn’t want kids but mine have taking a liking to her, although it’s been a long process.

A few years ago, when she first started hanging around it was hard to tell who was more afraid of whom.  The girls have always been shy around new people and we encourage them to trust their instincts about people.  We don’t rush them off to someone and promise that they will be safe, instead letting them gradually feel comfortable enough around people to embrace them (and subsequently talk their ears off.)

With this friend, though, I could see her tense up as my kids began approaching her.  She had no idea what to do with a kid or what to say.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching that scene because it was so strange to me and also because I could tell the kids to do things to her and she grew more uncomfortable the closer they got.

These days she’s been around enough that she’s almost as comfortable with the kids as they are with her and that’s why she was the only one A wanted during street fair.  Near the end of the day we were back at the playground and she said she was exhausted and didn’t know how we did it everyday.

I just shrugged my shoulders and said that we didn’t have a choice, but there are other reasons that were able to do it everyday.  One, everyday is not like that, where you’re walking constantly and carrying a child. Two, is that we’ve built up to this point by being with them when they were so little that there were days that we never left the house.  And three, is that they are our children and if we’ve done a good job we can delight in them a bit more than those who aren’t their parents.

The last reason is that we know how much more difficult it can be to stay in the house when there is something to do with the kids.  When we keep them occupied and entertained they are less likely to get bored and whine at us.  And not having them whine at us is golden.

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