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Magic Castle

On Friday my kids were getting a bit irritated with me on account of my having to work quite a bit in the past several days.  Even though I was at home with them, I was often distracted.  I am doing some low-level design work for a new client which basically involved editing something they had been using for the past two years.  It was a bit tedious but it was also a new client and I wanted to get it done quickly and do a good job.

Having worked on that for a couple days and still not finished I had neglected to really play with the kids much.  J stayed home from preschool due to an illness and if I let her she’d watch television all day, which I don’t want her to do.  So it’s best for everyone to get them out of the house and one of the places they like to go is called Rollandia Magic Castle.  They have an outdoor area that we’ve never used but the indoor area has a soft play area (think restaurant play land on steroids) and it also has video games, some of which are age-appropriate for the kids and some are not.

So when they said they wanted to go, I told them to get ready and I finished up my work.  I checked my email before we left and sent all the work I had completed.  Then we left and had a wonderful afternoon without any interruptions.  The girls are getting really confident at climbing through the maze of tunnels to play games like hide and seek.

They also really like the games because they earn tickets good toward cheap garbage made in China.  I remember getting these things when I was a kid and really placing much more value on them than they actually had.  One reason was that it was something I felt I had earned.  Another was that I got to choose exactly what I wanted.  One more reason, though, was that it reminded me of the good time that I had had.

Spending time with them at a place that eliminates distractions and entertains us is great for building memories and confidence.  There is a game there called Deal or No Deal based on the television show.  When you play your top prize option is 200 tickets and your lowest is 1.  Two visits in a row J has won 200 tickets playing that game with no help from me other than a boost to reach the buttons.  I don’t know how she does it.

When we go back home I checked my email and the client had decided to make major changes anyway so the work I was doing or would have done during that time was not that important.  Spending time with the kids is always worth it.

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