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I Let My Two-Year-Old Drink

Sure, if she wants a drink, who am I to stand in the way.  I’ve been known to want a drink or two in the past.

So this is what happened.  I did have a drink, rum and root beer (delicious), I tend to have one or two a night.  My kids have allergies and we follow a rotation diet which means that we can’t eat sugar every day and in the evenings I want sugar.  If I could eat something sweet and be done with it I probably would but they don’t like drinks with carbonation anyway so the have no desire to try my drinks.

The other day, however, I left a drink sitting on the window sill while I went to the other room to get something for A, who is only two.  When I came back she was standing next to the window and the liquid in my cup was swirling a little.  There wasn’t very much left in the glass when I left the room and it was at nearly the same level when I returned, but it was swirling which made me wonder.

So I said, “A, did you have some of my drink?” to which she shook her head No.  It all seemed a bit suspicious, though, so I asked again and again she said “no.”  My next question was, “did you like it?” to which she said “No, it is yucky.” before she could realize that she was ratting on herself.

Knowing that she had tried my drink didn’t really upset me because it is normal for kids to try things, especially when they see their parents doing the same thing.  My older daughter, J, had actually done about the same thing when she was around two.  I had been sitting with her at the computer looking at pictures, which was one of her favorite things to do.  My wife called me away to do something so I set it to slideshow and set J down to watch for a minute by herself.

On my way back in J found me, drink in her hand, and said “here’s your beer, daddy.  It’s ucky.”  At least she didn’t try to hide the fact that she had tried it.

So I wasn’t surprised when A had tried a drink at nearly the same age.  It just reminded me that I need to keep an eye on my kids and my drinks and never leave the two in the room alone together.  I may not be the best dad in the world, but I’m trying…

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