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Season Opener

My sister-in-law recently took a job with the Columbus Bluejackets.  We live nearby and I am a hockey fan so she let me know that she can get me tickets when I want them.  The other night the fam went down to the season opener against the Minnesota Wild.  It was a Saturday evening game, the seats were great and the Wifey’s sister even got us a couple of freebies for the kids.  Big fun.

The kids had never seen a hockey game before because we don’t have cable and when we go to someone else’s house it’s never to watch a hockey game.  That’s why we go to bars, (but not the only reason.)  Since I don’t take the kids to bars they hadn’t seen a hockey game.

The Wifey pointed out to Number 1 that the hockey players hit each other.  After that every time Number 1 saw someone get hit she would laugh hysterically, which led to everyone around her looking at this cute little 4-year-old girl taking such delight in grown men hitting each other.  As her dad, I wasn’t all that surprised.  She’s seen football games at her grandparents’ houses before and whenever she can be bothered to pay attention to one she always laughs when someone gets tackled.

It’s not just about strangers getting hit, though.  One day my dad came over in the morning so that I could go to an appointment.  The girls sleep late so he started playing MarioKart on the Wii.  Number 1 woke up and instead of answering his greeting of “Good morning,” she curled up on the couch with her blanket.  She didn’t make a peep until he fell off the track, at which time she uttered two syllables… “haha” with a grin and a snicker.

Is she evil?  Does she want to see people fail?  Or does she just have a much better developed sense of humor than most kids her age?  Afterall, I have gotten over the laughing out loud part but I still think it’s great when someone gets tackled or hit in a hockey game.

Maybe that will stick until she’s an adult and all the princess stuff will fade away.

One can hope anyway.

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