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The Preschool Decision

We have come to a decision about sending J to preschool.  She will only go three days a week.  Those days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  That way she will get to have her socialization with kids her own age and if I want to take them somewhere in the daytime I can plan that for Monday or Friday.

One of the kids’ favorite places to go is the Boonshoft Museum which is a museum geared toward children.  Most if it is like a big indoor play area with quite a few role playing areas.  We have an annual pass that makes it easy to go whenever we’d like and not worry about the cost.  That is extremely important to me because Boonshoft is only open until 5PM through the week.

While I’m not a big fan of preschool in general, it seemed cruel to pull her out after we’d put her in and made friends.  She really enjoys going to see her friends and she balances out the class which has two boys and two girls.  I still have the option to keep her home if there is something happening that she wants to do or I want her to do but since we’ve made a commitment to go to school, I try to keep it.

One of the things I like about her going to school is that it gives me one-on-one time with A.  Before A was born I would take J with me where ever I wanted to go.  It became more difficult with two kids to do that.  Now that I have some afternoon time with A I remember how much fun I used to have with J and I’m happy to do that with A.  I know that they won’t have nearly the same experience growing up, but I would at least like to be consistent with them, even if they have completely different interests.

So while keeping her in preschool three days a week will allow her a bit of freedom from me and the family, and give her time to make friends and develop a sense of identity away from us, having her home with us four days a week (weekends included) will help her develop a strong sense of family.